When to See the Chiropodist Instead of a General Physician

If you are having foot pain it could be warranted. First though, you’ll want to have a sit down with your regular doctor. There is no definite answer as to when to change to a specialist, but hopefully this helps. Go to your Regular Doctor First? You might think oh… Read More

Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are very annoying and they are painful thickenings on the skin in areas of repeated pressure. Frequent rubbing can cause blisters and they are caused mainly on the foot due to frequent walking. They are generally not very harmful but can lead to some other problems such… Read More

Symptoms, Cause and Signs of a Sprain

A sprain which is also called as a torn ligament appears to take place when the ligaments in a joint are damaged and is caused by the restless functioning of a bone or can also be caused by a trauma. The severity ranges from a minor injury to a major… Read More

5 Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy

Your feet are really the unsung heroes of your body. They are responsible for carrying the weight of your day. This is exactly why you need to make sure that you keep your feet healthy. A healthy foot will really improve your quality of life. The problem is that this… Read More

5 Essential Foot Care Procedures for Diabetics

There are a myriad of health issues that can arise for diabetics who don’t take proper care of their feet. In some serious cases, this seemingly harmless negligence can lead to foot ulcers and possibly even result in the total amputation of the limb in question. In order to help… Read More

6 Tips for the Diabetic Foot

Diabetes may be associated with your diet and blood sugar but the problem with diabetes is that it can cause problems to many different other aspects of your body. One of the common problem areas is the feet. The blood vessel and nerve damage that people with diabetes suffers from… Read More