Flat Feet in the Toronto, ON Area

If you are seeking flat feet treatment in the Greater Toronto area, Walkrite Foot Clinic can provide you with a solution. We may be able to fit you for orthotics that are intended to correct the way each foot is positioned while standing and walking. Our treatments are designed to prevent inflammation that can cause pain and other problems to develop in the feet. If your situation is particularly severe, we may recommend pain medications and surgical procedures to treat your condition.

We prioritize the needs of all our patients and are committed to serving everyone to the best of our ability. Other reasons why you should feel encouraged to make an appointment with us include our:

  • Up-to-date facility
  • Willingness to provide assistance in English, Greek and Tagalog
  • Friendly staff and
  • State of the art Equipment

At Walkrite Foot Clinic, we offer flat feet treatment that’s designed to help you walk without any more pain. We offer flexible appointment times during the mornings and afternoons. Call today if you’re in North York or the Greater Toronto area for more information.