When to See the Chiropodist Instead of a General Physician

By Walkrite Foot Clinic November 9, 2018

If you are having foot pain it could be warranted. First though, you’ll want to have a sit down with your regular doctor. There is no definite answer as to when to change to a specialist, but hopefully this helps.

Go to your Regular Doctor First?

You might think oh well I don’t need a referral, Foot pain can be the result of anything from injury to diabetes. The later being something that we cannot change (unless it’s type II). If you have a chronic condition it is recommended to keep your appointments with your regular doctor because they can rule out the basics, such as you not keeping your sugars regularly, and even if you are smoking. This is your first stop shop and should be, to make sure that everything is okay in general.

What Sorts of Issues do Chiropodists See?

They see everything that has to do with the feet. So if you are having chronic pain and issues, this would be the place to go, to see what a specialist in the field can do for you. They are here to specifically take care of your feet and have seen it all. Some of the general conditions that they can look for are bunions, corns/calluses, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, athlete’s foot, injuries, and hammer toes. This list is not all inclusive at the least but these are just a few things that they can treat.

Go to a Specialist

If you have been going to the general practitioner for your feet problems and nothing has been solved, it’s time to look for a specialist. Having someone who knows the ins and out of the foot because that is what they went to school for, is important in maintaining your foot health. They also, depending on their certifications, can also perform surgery. For example, if you have a serious bunion that is changing the alignment of your foot and your comfort, you would want to go see them. They can recommend and even schedule you for repair of the issue. It’s not as bad as it sounds and in the long run you have the ability to be more comfortable.

Your general doctor can help you make a decision as to whether or not it’s practical to see a Chiropodist. Even if you need orthotics, they are the place to go. Instead of sacrificing your ability to walk, taking the time to discuss your issues with the doctor can help you get back on your feet and running again. I suggest getting recommendations from others who have gone and also from your doctor and make a decision that could forever benefit your life. No one should have to deal with foot pain, so why not take the chance and see a specialist and do something about it.

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