5 Simple Tips for Avoiding Foot Pain

By Walkrite Foot Clinic March 22, 2019

Find yourself with foot pain more often than not? Or perhaps you’re feet have been great to you for years, but you’re new to the pain happening in your foot. There are a few ways to avoid foot pain and its complications, most of which are quite easy! So go out there! Be nice to your feet and they will be nice to you!

Check Your Shoes!

Have a lovely pair of shoes that match your wardrobe, but often find your feet in pain? Wearing the correct sized shoes can make a huge difference in foot pain, and with many shoes varying in actual size, it’s easy to buy a pair of shoes with the intention of them fitting and finding them instead being completely miss sized. Do your feet a favour and ditch the trendy shoes in favour of something more comfortable, they’ll thank you in the long run!

Check Your Weight!

Increased weight can lead to increased pressure on your feet. You may find yourself feeling the pressure in the form of foot pain. Losing weight can be beneficial for other matters of your health, but it can also do wonders for your feet as well! As little as twenty pounds can make a difference upon the feet and can increase pain. There are many different ways to lose weight but talk to your doctor before you find a path that works for you.

Cut With Confidence!

Another source of foot pain can come from an unexpected place, your toe nails. Cutting your toenails in the incorrect fashion can lead to terrible foot pain. Always cut in straight lines across your toe to avoid ingrown toenails, which can not only be painful but may become infected as well. Though cutting in straight lines may not be as pretty to look at, it can save you a world of trouble when it comes to foot pain!

Take a Break!

Work at a job that requires you to be standing all day? That could be a real source of foot pain, make sure to take breaks off of your feet to allow them some rest as well. Though it is known that sitting all day is not ideal either, standing all day can also leave you with a few problems as well. Find a healthy balance if you are able, allow for both rest and exercise!

Pamper your feet!

Your feet carry you all day, so give them a little thanks! Flex your feet for increased flexibility with them. Couple this with a few calf stretches to alleviate foot pain as well. Beyond stretches, simply take care of your feet in other ways like smoothing out the calluses on your feet. Or perhaps you’re suffering from a bit of dry skin? Use a bit of lotion to help!

There you have it, five simple ways to avoid foot pain! Still in pain after you’ve tried these? Talk to your doctor, you may have a more serious foot condition if pain persists.

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