5 Tips For the Diabetic Foot

People with diabetes need to be particularly vigilant when it comes to the health of their feet. Long term high blood glucose levels create a condition known as peripheral neuropathy. This means that the diabetic person has nerve damage to his/her extremities. Feeling in the feet(or hands)is severely diminished and… Read More

How to Alleviate the Symptoms of Eczema on the Feet?

Eczema of the feet is also known as Dyshidrotic Eczema (DE). It affects the hands as well as the feet, and it is twice as likely to occur in women. With DE, the skin is not able to protect itself as it normally should. The person affected by DE develops… Read More

Are Feet a Clue to Your Overall Health?

Our feet are capable of many things, and one of those things is alerting you when something may be amiss somewhere else in your body. There are a variety of different health issues that can present themselves in our feet before anywhere else. Therefore, paying attention to your feet and… Read More

Fungus Nails Can Make a Person Self Conscious

A nail fungal infection can affect both toenails and fingernails, but it most commonly occurs in the toenails. In its beginning stages, you may not even realize that you have a nail fungal infection, but as it progresses, the condition becomes obvious. The signs of a nail fungal infection include… Read More

Why Do Women’s Feet Get Bigger As They Age?

Most women would love to be able to wear the same shoe size throughout their adult life. No woman wants her feet to get bigger but, like it or not, all women will eventually need to buy larger shoe sizes as they grow older. It’s an inevitable fact of life… Read More

Plantar Warts Risk Factors – Symptoms – Causes – Treatment

Plantar warts are grainy, hard growths which usually appear on the balls or heels of your feet and other areas which feel the most pressure. This pressure can also cause the plantar wart to grow inwards beneath the thick and hard layer of the skin. HPV or Human Papillomavirus are… Read More