Should I get Orthotics or Not? Custom made foot orthotics

Ankle, foot, knee and biomechanics of the hip are very complex and the non-specialists cannot just navigate this maze with every patient successfully. So the orthotics cannot be prescribed without a clear examination even by the specialist. It can even take more than half hour to examine a complicated case. Read More

Orthotics – Uses – Materials and Manufacture

A specialty in the medical field which is concerned with the manufacture, application, and design of the orthoses is called orthotics. An orthosis is a device which is used to modify the functional and structural characteristics of the skeletal and neuromuscular system. This externally applied device is used by an… Read More

5th Metatarsal Stress Fracture Treatment & Management

See attached, this image shows a fracture of the 5th meta tarsal. A stress fracture is also called as Hairline fracture and is a fracture of the bone caused by the repeated stress. As a result of accumulated trauma from submaximal loadings like jumping and running a fracture is caused… Read More

Fast Facts About Gout

Gout present in the big toe is known as podagra and is characterized by the reoccurring attacks of inflammatory arthritis-hot, red , swollen joint. Pain comes after every 12 hours and joint at the big toe is affected in most cases. This can result in kidney stone, urate nephropathy or… Read More

Foot Warts cause and are they contagious

Foot warts are usually known as plantar warts/ Myrmecia/ verruca Plantaris or verruca caused by HPV( Human Papillomavirus) which occurs on the toes or on the sole of the foot. These HPV infections can be anywhere in the body but are not plantar. The virus is self-limiting but to decrease… Read More

What causes an ingrown toenail – Symptoms and Signs

INGROWN TOENAILS The pressure obtained from the ingrowth of the edge of the nail into the toe skin causes ingrown toenails. Inflammation is produced once the edge of the nails breaks through the toe skin. It may initially seem to be a minor discomfort but may gradually progress into an… Read More