Diabetic Ulcers

A diabetic ulcer is the major component of diabetic foot and is a major complication of diabetes mellitus. Some people with diabetes develop diabetic foot ulcers. It is prone to an infection which can be severe. When an area of skin has been broken down and can see the underlying… Read More

Benefits of Physiotherapy Therapy

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a rehabilitation specialty and physical medicine which remediates impairments and promotes function, mobility and the quality of life through prognosis, diagnosis, physical intervention and examination. The therapy usually involves physical movement and mechanical force. This is carried out by physical therapists who are more commonly… Read More

Laser treatment for sports injuries

Laser therapy is accepted as a viable treatment option for a variety diagnoses. The low-level laser waves can penetrate at a wavelength of 820-840 nanometer and have been effective in normalization of the body’s nerve network and circulatory systems. Injuries caused during sports are treated using low-level laser therapy but… Read More

Shockwave therapy for plantar fasciitis

ESWT or Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is a possible treatment option for the patients with chronic tendon issues. The shock waves are directly focused on the person’s body and the treatment is used for a variety of conditions including Tennis elbow, calcific tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. The shockwave treatment can be… Read More


Metatarsalgia is an overuse common injury which is described as inflammation and pain in the ball of the foot. Rather than a specific disease, it is often treated as a symptom of other diseases. Athletes who participate in high-impact sports involving jumping and running have a great chance of getting… Read More

Do You Feel Numbness? Diabetic Foot Symptoms

Diabetes actually represents many other different diseases as the high glucose levels in the blood over time can damage the eyes, blood vessels, kidneys, and nerves. It can also decrease the ability of the body to fight infection. It is already known to us that if diabetes is not taken… Read More