Should I get Orthotics or Not? Custom made foot orthotics

By Walkrite Foot Clinic August 12, 2016

Ankle, foot, knee and biomechanics of the hip are very complex and the non-specialists cannot just navigate this maze with every patient successfully. So the orthotics cannot be prescribed without a clear examination even by the specialist. It can even take more than half hour to examine a complicated case. So it well examined by an experienced individual.

Need for the custom orthotic support

The medical devices which support and gently reposition the arch, heel, ligaments, bones, tendons and muscles in the feet are called custom made orthotics. These medical devices would enable all the structures to perform together in order to make each step of yours pain-free. The custom made orthotics are made from molds of the foot to meet the unique needs of an individual. They are made of thermoplastic materials which ought to be very comfortable and are guaranteed for several years. This orthotic support can be designed in such a way that it can fit in boots, athletic shoes, dress shoes, and skates.

The custom-made orthotics can be used as a pain reliever from different types of foot pain such as arch pain, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, pain caused by walking, running, and athletics, pain experienced by the senior citizens, pain experienced by the people suffering from diabetes and also other kinds of foot pains such as trauma, bunions, and sprains. The people suffering from all these diseases or disorders can benefit a lot from the custom made orthotics. Many people can benefit from the orthotics supports and are listed below.

Arch pain sufferers:

Arch pain is generally caused by very high arches, walking and running, flat feet, prolonged standing, natural aging process and injury. Custom made orthotics support was capable of accomplishing three things by accommodating the existing issues and supporting the arch.

  • Reducing the pain
  • Decrease the chance of further foot problems.
  • Reduce the effect of aging and so the arthritic foot pain, bunions, and hammer toes can be prevented.

Heel pain sufferers:

The most common causes of the heel pain are plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. These issues are seen mostly in the pronated feet. Pronation is the word used for the rolling the feet inward and these forces will strike the heel to the ground abnormally causing pain which becomes progressively worse. Custom made orthotics are the only options to get a relief in this situation.

Pain caused by diabetes:

Due to circulatory problems or thinning of a fatty pad at the bottom of the feet and neuropathy will increase the chance of foot problems for the people suffering from diabetes. Chronic painful areas, ulcers, and pressure shoes are treated with the use of custom made orthotics which can eliminate pain and will protect the painful areas.

Pain caused by walking, running and athletics:

All the athletes use custom made orthotics and they would keep the foot in its alignment and allows the muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons to work perfectly with 100% efficiency. The heel, forefoot, and arch are also protected from the increased stress by the custom made orthotics.

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