Foot Problems That Arise Wearing Tight Fitted Shoes

By Walkrite Foot Clinic December 2, 2016

Unfortunately, many people end up with shoes that do not fit correctly. How comfortable your feet feel each day depends on the shoes being worn. If the shoes being worn are restricting the space necessary to thrive, there can be harsh consequences. As many as 80% of adults are suffering from problems with the feet. Wearing the wrong shoes can end up causing an array of different health options. These are 9 of the most common problems faced.


When you are wearing shoes that are too tight, you may end up developing a little bump to the side of your big toe. This bump is known as a bunion. The big toe then leans towards the next toe as the bunion develops. This occurs as the bunion becomes noticeable.

Athlete’s Foot

When feet are trapped within tight shoes without any room to breathe, fungal infection can develop. The toes end up cramped up in sweaty socks within tight and ill-fitting shoes can grow this fungal infection. Athlete’s foot can easily be spread through content, and can grow and thrive in moist environments.


Corns arise with wearing tight shoes. The corn is a raise bump cause by the friction experienced by the foot in tight shoes. This is one of the easier problems to correct from wearing tight shoes.

Hammer Toes

Hammer toes develop when toes are bending to fit within the confines of a tight shoe. The joints fail to have space for movement and function, and end up causing a bend. Over time, this problem gets increasingly worse, and joints continuously have no space to develop.

Ingrown Toenails

A common problem for those that wear tight fitted shoes is ingrown toenails. The toenail does not have the space needed to grow outward, and thus ends up growing in the other direction. This can be rather uncomfortable and can end up getting worse and hurting more with time.

Crossover Toes

If your toes are crammed in tight shoes, they may start to overlap in an attempt to fit. The toes begin to crisscross over each other to make space for the narrow space in which they are placed.


Tight shoes can cause nerve irritation. This pain ends up arising on the bottom of the foot and is cause by incorrect nerve tissue growth. Neuroma can affect all of the toes, though is more likely to affect the third and fourth toes.

Heel Spurs

The wrong shoes can cause heel spurs. The pressure experienced by the heel can end up causing serious discomfort. This discomfort can be a sign of heel spurs. There are different reasons for experiencing heel spurs.


If the ball of the foot hurts, tight shoes can be to blame. Poorly fitting shoes can end up causing stress on the feet during any type of activity. Comfortable, properly fitting shoes are the most important way to avoid this problem.

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