Laser treatment for sports injuries

By Walkrite Foot Clinic October 14, 2016

Laser therapy is accepted as a viable treatment option for a variety diagnoses. The low-level laser waves can penetrate at a wavelength of 820-840 nanometer and have been effective in normalization of the body’s nerve network and circulatory systems. Injuries caused during sports are treated using low-level laser therapy but there are many conditions which can be treated using LLLT. Inflammatory conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and Epicondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis and also carpel tunnel syndrome. Other conditions include pain management, connective tissue disorder, joint injuries, muscle injury, skin injuries and neurological injuries.
With the help of a sudden onset soft tissue trauma, low-level laser therapy speeds up the normalization process. Swelling occurs naturally after the trauma in order to protect the area. This swelling will result in the decrease of the fluid exchange and prevents the normal delivery of nutrition to the damaged area. The target of the low-level laser treatment system will be on the lymphatic system as it maintains the balance of the fluid in the body and the infrared rays will improve the reabsorption of the swelling. Swelling is reduced with the LLLT and thus allows the movement to return to the treated area.

Effects of low-level laser therapy:
• Simulate the cell growth.
• They are anti-inflammatory.
• Regeneration of the cells.
• Increase the cell metabolism.
• Tissue activity will be increased.
• Reduction in edema.
• Nerve function will be stimulated.
• Collagen deposition.
• The fibrous tissue formation will be reduced.

The trauma from sports injuries damage all the cells which make up the soft tissue. The damaged cells release the chemicals which provoke the natural inflammatory response in the body of a person and results in swelling, redness, pain, and warmth in the injured area. Recurrent or persistent information can predispose the athletes to degenerative changes in their joints or early onset arthritis. The condition is affected for the weekend warrior to the elite athlete.
Short-term inflammation is reduced as the application of low-level laser therapy. The laser therapy reduces the risk of arthritis frequently resulting from the sports injuries. The low-level laser therapy is used by the athletes and professional sports teams to provide deep tissue therapy, treat inflammation, and also accelerate the pain relief to help the athletes minimize downtime.

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