The Importance Of Foot Care

The human body is an amazing thing, and our feet are an important part of our bodies. Our feet contain more than 50 bones (about one-quarter of all the bones in our bodies), 200 muscles and 60 joints, ligaments and tendons that help them move and intricately hold them together. Read More

Prepare Your Feet For Your Holiday!

Holidays and vacations are fun and exciting times for everyone, no matter who you are going with. Whether it’s a family vacation, you are going with just your partner, or perhaps you are going on a solo adventure, you want to enjoy it to the fullest. This includes staying healthy… Read More

5 Simple Tips for Avoiding Foot Pain

Find yourself with foot pain more often than not? Or perhaps you’re feet have been great to you for years, but you’re new to the pain happening in your foot. There are a few ways to avoid foot pain and its complications, most of which are quite easy! So go… Read More

Throbbing foot arch pain – What do I do?

Feet is the part of your body which carries you from here to there every day. But you might not think about it until they hurt. You need relief when they hurt. To get the best treatment, you need to know the issue. The first consideration must go to the… Read More

5 Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy

It is important to your overall health and well being that you keep your feet clean, dry, and healthy every day. Foot infections and deformities can indicate health problems of a more serious nature. You can avoid developing serious issues with your feet by maintaining a regular foot care routine. Read More

5 Tips For the Diabetic Foot

People with diabetes need to be particularly vigilant when it comes to the health of their feet. Long term high blood glucose levels create a condition known as peripheral neuropathy. This means that the diabetic person has nerve damage to his/her extremities. Feeling in the feet(or hands)is severely diminished and… Read More