Throbbing foot arch pain – What do I do?

By Walkrite Foot Clinic May 25, 2018

Feet is the part of your body which carries you from here to there every day. But you might not think about it until they hurt. You need relief when they hurt. To get the best treatment, you need to know the issue. The first consideration must go to the place where you experience the pain. Heels, arch, toe, a ball of the foot, the outer edge of the foot are the different locations where you get pain. Among them, arch pain is the most painful and your arch is actually comprised of the metatarsal and tarsal bones with tendons and supporting ligaments.
Trace down the bone to the center of your foot after touching the top of any toe and your fingers will find a bone called as metatarsal. There are five metatarsal bones and they are attached to the toe bones. They would help you walk, run, and stand by distributing all the weights evenly to help you get balanced. Near the back of the foot, you can find seven tarsal bones which are connected to your metatarsals. So this means that all your tarsal and metatarsal bones form an arch. Your arches would help you to stabilize your body for walking, standing, and running. Arches would absorb the stress and also helps you to balance on sloping or uneven surfaces.
The arch pain should always be treated and if it is not given necessary medication, it can lead to more serious foot ailments. The arch supports the entire body and if not given any treatment it can affect other areas of your ankles, feet, back, and legs. Arch pain is just a progressive condition which is capable of contributing to very serious foot problems like the plantar fasciitis, knee pain, Shin splints, Hammertoes, flat feet, Achilles tendonitis, hip and lower back pain, stress fractures, bunions, heel pain, contracted toes, Morton’s neuroma, ball of foot pain, and loss of protective padding at the bottom of your feet.
The following remedies would help in eliminating the arch pain and prevent other lower body health and foot problems.
Arch supports- Special arch supports are made to help people relieve some of their discomfort and pain. The arch type should be known as the support height depends on the person’s height.
Orthotics or shoe inserts- This would help stabilize your heel and support your arch. This would also ease the stress on the posterior tendons.
Strengthening your muscles- Tibialis posterior muscles and stretching of the Achilles’ tendon must be strengthened. These two muscles are the ones which affect your arch and so they must be strengthened to avoid discomfort and pain.
Use cold therapy- Wraps, massages, and various other types of cold therapies would help alleviate the foot arch pain.
Wear only supportive and comfortable shoes with insoles that would completely support the arch- Your insoles and shoes should support your everyday activities such as going to the workplace and doing many intense activities like jogging, running and other sports activities.

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