Prepare Your Feet For Your Holiday!

By Walkrite Foot Clinic December 7, 2017

Holidays and vacations are fun and exciting times for everyone, no matter who you are going with. Whether it’s a family vacation, you are going with just your partner, or perhaps you are going on a solo adventure, you want to enjoy it to the fullest. This includes staying healthy and feeling your best. Chances are, you’re going to be doing a lot of walking wherever you’re going. This can be hard on your feet if they’re not taken care of properly! There are many things that can go wrong with your feet, but if you take the proper steps to prevent potential issues, your feet will be able to enjoy the vacation as much as you do!

The most common issue that can crop up with your feet, are blisters. Blisters are simply skin bubbles usually red, filled with liquid and painful. They can range from mildly annoying to downright painful. They are usually caused from repeated rubbing between the shoe and the foot. Some reasons for this can be a crease in your sock within your shoe, or long walks in brand new shoes.

Another painful dilemma are chilblains. These lesions on your feet that form due to cold and humid conditions. They tend to develop in people with sensitivity to the cold or those with poor circulation. These can be caused by cold ground, damp or humid socks, tight boots, or inadequate shoes for the climate.

Lastly, there is athletes foot. This painful fungal infection is brought on by prolonged damp conditions, and/or too much sweating.

There are of course, many ways in which these ailments can be treated and taken care of, but wouldn’t it be much better to simply prevent any of them from happening in the first place? You will enjoy your holiday much more without having to deal with any issues on your feet. Taking a few simple steps to prevent these issues is all it will take.

First, you will want to ensure you have shoes that fit you properly. They should also be appropriate for the climate and terrain that you will be in. It is worth some extra money to buy a high-quality pair of shoes that will protect your feet. You will want the shoes to have a solid insole, that will serve to absorb shock as you walk. They should also be comfortable.

Socks might not seem all that important, but they can in fact play a pretty big role. There are special walking socks that you can get, and they are a little different from regular socks; they usually have reinforcement where needed. Also make sure you put on the right size, to avoid it bunching up inside your shoes. Temperature appropriate socks are also a good idea to keep your feet as healthy and comfortable as possible.

You can also buy additional insoles to replace the ones that come with your shoe. You can find something that is more supportive and better quality, and simply add it to your shoes yourself. Higher quality insoles will mold to your foot’s shape as well as absorb shock better, leaving you well equipped for an extended period of walking!

Whether you are going on a hiking escapade or just plan to do some sight-seeing, keeping your feet healthy, comfortable, and protected is very important. Taking these steps will help you keep your feet in top shape and allow you to enjoy every moment of your trip.

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