Get Your Feet Ready For Summer – Foot Care

By Walkrite Foot Clinic July 21, 2017

In the summer, we can now store the boots and break out the flip-flops. Our toes and feet will be free and blend in with fresh air. Being in the warmth makes things more fun as we can run around and do more outdoor activities. At the same time, however, all of the non-pleasant things about our feet – blisters, bad nails, and corns – will be exposed, so people will become self-conscious about their feet’s presence. This is where pedicures come into play and salons make bank. However, people can take care of their feet at home perfectly.

What does the home pedicure consist of? For starters, soak in warm water to soften the nails, making it easier to get dirt out from under. Then, clip the toenails straight across, but not the corners and not really short, so filing them is perfectly shaped. Don’t cut the cuticles also, as they keep the germs away. Next, comes the polishing. Instead of clear, regular polishing, some like to color the nails. It is the summer, so go ahead and use colored polish that says “summer” on them.

The foot rub is always a popular part of the pedicure, especially for those who walk a lot and exercise to where their feet are really sore. If there is no extra pair of hands to help out, get a tennis ball. Roll it up and down the bottom of the foot for a few minutes; it’s just as effective as the hands. For feet that are swelled up, put them in a bucket of ice water for about 15 minutes and dry with a towel. Also that helps with swelling feet – low-heeled shoes. The problem with high-heeled shoes is that it puts more pressure on the balls, which makes it really uncomfortable in the long-term because it can affect the tendons. Walk in low-heeled sneakers or flats instead of those high heels, even if they are fashionable. But, on the other hand, it’s better than no shoes because bare feet open the possibility to exposure to germs and bacteria. This is why people wear flip-flops in a public shower.

Next, comes taking care of the rough, dry spots of the feet. Soak in warm water before scrubbing off the dry skin. It’s time to re-moisturize them. To stop any blisters from forming, spot the areas where it happens most often and wear a Band-Aid as a pre-emptive strike against blisters. The last issue to take care of – splinters. If walking on a wooden deck, it can happen if bare foot. (That’s why we wear flip-flops.) If that painful moment happens, take it out gently and carefully. Clean the area with soap & water, dry the surrounding area, and use tweezers or nail clippers to pull it out.

These are the basics in taking care of our pretty feet on a nice summer’s day. Be attentive to what we wear and where we walk to keep our feet healthy and pretty. It’s the summer time. Enjoy.

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