Foot Care Guide For Retirees

By Walkrite Foot Clinic August 4, 2017

For retirees over the age 65, foot issues tend to flare up more often than middle-aged and young people. Part of the reason is simply age. Another reason is that people wear shoes that do not fit properly, leading to soreness around the tendons, heel, and toes. Foot issues in seniors can indicate that that they may have other conditions such as diabetes, lack of circulation in the legs, and arthritis. For this, many doctors who specialize in feet – podiatrists –are working on improving awareness for people to take better care of their feet.

Physicians can also help assist patients in improving their health with walking when having a condition like diabetes. Exercises such as walking and stretching, and having foot massages can keep the feet healthy and fluid in its circulation of the blood. It will be recommended to wear shoes that the person feels comfortable with. There are many tips regarding exercises and proper shoe wearing for older people to know to keep upright with their feet.Here are some of those recommendations.

The size of feet grows, as people get older. When buying shoes, it is always necessary to measure them in case a change is needed. A fact most people don’t know is that both feet are not the same size, so buy the pair with larger size for the larger foot and don’t think the shoes with stretch if being used continuously; it’s not like pants. Break into the shoes by walking a few times around to get the right feel in them, an important part in buying shoes. Check the feel of the ball of the foot to see if it is the right fit and comfort, as it’s more important than the design. Also, look at the heels and see that theyare not free when walking with the shoes; it means they are too big. The best material for the shoes is soft and flexible when walking with them. Also, note the softening of the material and the shock support of the shoes and choose a pair that has a low heal, as they are safer to wear.

These recommendations and facts can help seniors deal with possible foot aches and problems. The ability to walk independently is a healthy manner and prevents other illnesses from forming because walking is not an option. Seniors should learn about foot inserts, especially if already suffering from diabetes and arthritis to keep the feet in as best of shape as possible. Those who suffer from diabetes are in more danger because a simple foot injury or wound can easily cause an infection and the eventual amputation of the foot or leg. If there is sweating on the foot, it is the result of any discomfort with the shoes worn that causes the abnormal sweating.

The bottom line is that seniors are prone to foot issue that can affect them down the line and having them healthy is important. Even the basic thing of wearing shoes has an impact on overall health.

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