Achilles Tendonitis Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Treatment

By Walkrite Foot Clinic March 24, 2017

An injury which is caused due to various reasons in the Achilles’ tendon is referred to as the Achilles tendinitis. The Achilles’ tendon is the tissue band connecting the calf muscles at the back of the lower leg to your heel bone. Achilles tendinitis occurs mainly in runners who usually increases the duration or intensity of their runs. This condition is also common among the middle-aged people who play various outdoor sports such as basketball, tennis, and badminton on the weekends.

The majority of the cases are of Achilles tendinitis are treated with simple, home-care treatment and do not involve many complications. The home-care remedies must be done under the supervision of the doctor. Recurring episodes are possible and they can be prevented by self-care strategies. Some of the cases can get severe and they can lead to tendon tears which require surgical repair at the very moment.


The pain usually begins as a mild ache above the heel or in the back of the leg after running, jogging or any other sports activity. More severe pain can be experienced by the patient after climbing the stairs, sprinting, and prolonged running. Stiffness or tenderness will also be experienced by the person in the morning time which is usually improved with a mild activity.

If the person experiences persistent pain around the tendon, visit the doctor’s clinic. If in case the disability or pain is severe, seek immediate medical attention. This situation usually arises when you have a ruptured Achilles tendon.


Achilles tendinitis is caused by intense or repetitive strain on the Achilles’ tendon. This tendon is used when you run, walk, jump, or push up on the toes. The structure of the tendon weakens with age and this makes it more susceptible to injury especially in people who participate in various sports events only on the weekends or who increased the intensity all of a sudden.

Risk factors

A huge number of factors might increase the risk of Achilles tendinitis.

  • Age – Achilles tendinitis will become more common as you age.
  • Your sex – It occurs mostly in men.
  • Training choices – Walking or running in worn out shoes can increase the strain on the Achilles’ The pain occurs frequently in cold weather and running on the hilly terrain can predispose you to Achilles injury.
  • Physical problems – A flat arch on the foot will put more strain on the tendon. Tight calf muscles and obesity will increase the strain of the tendon.
  • Medications – Fluoroquinolones is a type of antibiotic which is associated with high rates of Achilles tendinitis.
  • Medical conditions – People with high blood pressure and psoriasis have a chance of developing Achilles tendinitis.

Imaging tests such as X-rays are conducted by the doctor to get a clear picture of the condition.


Ibuprofen and naproxen will not be enough to give you a relief from the pain. Sometimes the doctors might recommend you to have much stronger medicines in order to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Physical therapy is another kind of treatment recommended by the doctors. Stretching exercises will promote healing and strengthens the Achilles’ tendon.

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