The 5 Signs You Need to See a Foot Doctor

By Walkrite Foot Clinic May 26, 2017

Our feet are the most important appendage on our bodies and the most neglected. Most times things are serious before many decide to go and have their feet checked out. There are several signs that let you know when you should immediately see a podiatrist to have your feet thoroughly examined.

Swelling or numbness

For many people, occasional swelling or numbness after certain activities is common. Constant swelling and/or numbness is a different story. Swelling or numbness can be caused by numerous things. Walking too much or standing too long are the more frequent causes. Tendonitis is another cause of foot discomfort. This is caused by the overuse of tendons and should be treated immediately so you won’t incur permanent damage to the tendons. If the symptoms continue then you need to see a doctor. You could have an infection. Infections are sneaky nuisances than can escalate quickly and cause damage as well. They can be caused by insect bites or by stepping on something. Add tingling and burning with these symptoms and there could be possible nerve damage. Swelling in both feet could be a sign of lymphedema.

Pain while walking

If you have pain whenever you walk you could have a break or a sprain. Hairline fractures are painful but sometimes hard to detect. Some minor pain can be relieved by wearing more comfortable shoes. If that doesn’t help to ease the pain then a trip to the podiatrist in definitely in order. Also, difficulty moving your feet could be the beginnings sign of arthritis.

Cracked or bleeding heels

This is especially important if you are diabetic as you are more prone to infections. Not only is this uncomfortable but left untreated can lead to other problems as well.

Discoloration of the skin or nails

This may not be painful and barely noticeable it could be a couple of things. Paleness could be from poor circulation while blue or purple color could be the result of a vein problem.   Neither should be neglected as they may be linked to other problems.

Ingrown toenails

Next to swelling and numbness ingrown toenails are the most common overlooked foot problems. What starts of as a little discomfort can escalate to a major annoyance. Many people trim the nail themselves causing more of a problem. Not trimming the nail properly can not only cause an infection but also cause the nail to grow incorrectly and cause the problem to become worse.

Early detection can prevent most foot problems. It is recommended that one visit the podiatrist every year for preventive care.

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