5 Easy Ways to Prevent Diabetic Foot and Its Complications

By Walkrite Foot Clinic March 3, 2017

Worried about diabetic foot and its complications? Or perhaps you are newly diabetic and concerned on how to prevent diabetic foot? The consequences may be grave, such as amputation, but following these five easy steps can help you prevent the problem all together!

Keep Your Feet Protected!

Wearing the correct shoes can make a huge difference when trying to prevent diabetic foot. Making sure your feet have the proper circulation is key and can truly make a difference. Choose shoes that give support over shoes that are fashionable. Stay away from high heels or tight-fitting shoes whenever possible in favor of shoes that are comfortable. Keep your feet happy and they will keep you happy!

Wear Socks Constantly!

Socks can truly help circulation, so avoid socks with tight bands! Diabetic socks can be a great investment for you, and your feet as well. These specialized socks are non-binding and non-elasticized to promote maximum circulation for your legs as well as your feet. Concerned about moisture? Some brands of diabetic socks control moisture as well allowing you to get the circulation you want, without that sweaty feeling in your socks. Moisture control can also help reduce infection risk as well, helping even more!

Don’t Smoke!

Beyond the other health reasons as to avoid smoking, such as increased risk of lung cancer, smoking can also help cut off your circulation as well. As smoking can also hinder your ability to heal by limiting the flow of oxygen in your blood, so it can be extra deadly when paired with diabetes. Smoking can increase your risk not only for diabetic foot but incredible problems with leg circulation as well. Do not be afraid to ask your doctor if you need help quitting cigarettes, the choice could very well save your life!

Take Good Care of Your Feet!

By taking care of your feet daily, you can help prevent diabetic foot! A simple cleaning of your feet can stave off infections and fungal diseases. Keeping your skin silky and smooth can allow you to detect anomalies faster and allow you to head off any problems before they become even worse! File away any corns and calluses (or have your podiatrist help you), make sure your toenails are kept not only clean but filed as well. Your feet will thank you!

Schedule Regular Checkups!

The best and most efficient way to prevent diabetic foot and its complications is to schedule regular appointments with your podiatrist. Scheduling regular appointments can not only allow your doctor to see where any potential problems may be, it will allow you to have a better idea on what to look out for. A podiatrist can not only see any nerve damage you do have but give you tips on how to solve your own personal circulation problems. Head Diabetic foot and all of its complications off at the door and live with confidence by allowing your podiatrist to help you!

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