5 Essential Foot Care Procedures For Diabetics

By Walkrite Foot Clinic July 12, 2018

Foot care is incredibly important for all of us to ensure our feet stay healthy. For the person with diabetes, foot care is even more important. Diabetics are more prone to poor blood circulation and nerve disease, and they are more susceptible to developing infections in their extremities. Below are five essential foot care procedures for people with diabetes to incorporate into their daily lives to ensure their feet stay healthy.

  • Take care of your diabetes. More important than anything for an individual’s overall health is to take good care of their diabetes. Maintaining proper blood glucose control is good for all parts of the diabetic body, inside and out. A diabetic should work with his or her healthcare team to strive for optimal blood sugar control.
  • Check your feet every day. For the person with diabetes, it is important to inspect your feet each day to look for trouble spots. You should pay special attention to cuts, blisters, red spots, and swelling and care for them immediately, as these could lead to more serious problems down the road.
  • Wash your feet every day. It is important for all of us to ensure that our feet are clean, and the same is true for a person with diabetes. Wash your feet in warm water every day, and be sure to dry your feet well, especially between your toes. Moisturizing your skin is also a good idea, but be certain to allow your feet to dry before putting on shoes and socks.
  • Wear shoes and socks at all times. An important aspect of foot health for people with diabetes is to protect their feet. Diabetics should avoid walking barefoot, and they should wear comfortable socks and shoes that fit well. Shoes should be inspected to ensure they are free of any obstructions and there are no missing or ill-fitting parts. Feet should be protected from extremes of temperature, so wearing shoes on hot surfaces like pavement and socks or slippers when feet are cold is essential.
  • Keep blood flowing. In our often sedentary lives, we may neglect to keep our feet moving, and for a person with diabetes, this can be problematic, as diabetes affects blood circulation. Some important tips for diabetics to keep in mind when sitting for long periods of time:
  • Elevate your feet
  • Wiggle your toes, move your ankles around, and generally try to move your feet every now and then
  • Avoid crossing your legs
  • Plan for exercise, with the approval of a doctor

People with diabetes have a great number of health care considerations as part of their regular daily routine. Foot care should be an important aspect of that health care program. Caring for diabetic feet requires a little extra attention to some more fine details, but with this attention comes the reward of healthy feet. The five recommendations above are a good starting point for proper foot care. Start taking good care of your feet today!

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